Multi Product Order Form 2

A New and Premium Version of Multi Product Order Form

Key Features

  • Responsive design with Bootstrap 4
  • Easy to use admin panel.
  • Unlimited products with categories
  • Instant tax and price calculations with jQuery
  • Fast mail notifications for both side
  • Product images with Lightbox
  • Product thumbnails
  • Multi language support.
  • Cache system.

Multi Product Order Form 2

Installation System

The system has it's own installation system. It will try to install all necessary tables to the database.

Just upload all files and visit your web-site. Our new installer will welcome you and walk you through.


This file will be generated automatically by our installer.
You should see your settings in Rimtay/conf/rimtay.ini file.

Purchase Code

This value will be inserted automatically by our installer. No further changes needed.
Please put your purchase code to PURCHASE_CODE place in order to activate the system. If you have any problems you can see here.

System will work only on one domain name as well as localhost. So you can try the system on localhost but after using on a real domain, you CAN NOT use it on different domain.
If you want to change it, please open a SEPARATE support ticket.

Database Settings

This value will be inserted automatically by our installer. No further changes needed.
You'll see your database settings at the end of the file. It's straightforward. Just type your database details.

DB Cache

System has a built in cache system. So every database requests from the Client Side (Order Form) is cached. You can set the caching time with DB_CACHE variable in seconds.

Folder Location

This value will be inserted automatically by our installer. No further changes needed.

If you've installed the system to a folder rather than the root directory. (Like: Then you should type your folder location (myorders) to FOLDER_LOCATION variable. If you use the root directory, pass false instead.

  • Real Location: Folder Location: ea_order_form2
  • Real Location: Folder Location: myorders
  • Real Location: Folder Location: rimtay/orders
  • Real Location: Folder Location: false

This value will be randomly generated by our installer. No further changes needed.

Admin panel uses cookies to store login informations and get them. To be make sure the cookie is created and validated by the system; system uses Cookie Integrity feature. This is basically just random mixed up letters and numbers that can not be guessed easily. You don't need to memorize it nor you'll use it. Only system does use. You can use this site to generate you random string. Just put your random strings to COOKIE_INTEGRITY. If you change it, all sessions on the admin panel will be terminated.

Force SSL

This value will be inserted automatically by our installer. No further changes needed.

If you are using SSL, you can set Force SSL to true so system will automatically redirect users to SSL while changing all necessary links.

Time Zone

You can change the timezone with TZ variable.


Installer will run automatically when you visit your web-site if you haven't installed it already.

Installer will create a INSTALL_LOCK file that will lock installer so it will not run again. If you want to run installer again; just erase that file.

If you want to secure the system more, you can remove Rimtay/InstallHandler.php file, so there will be no way to run installer even if INSTALL_LOCK file accidently gets removed.

Admin Page & Default Login Credentials

The admin page is located in your virtual /admin directory. To reach it just type /admin or /login at the end of your domian. (Like: or

Your default login credentials as followed;

Username: admin

Password: rimtay

You can change your login credentials from Settings page. You can find the Settings page on the menu. We advise you to change your credentials immediately.


To update your order form, you should download the new version from CodeCanyon.

  1. First of all, please BACK UP your database and files before attempting t0 update the system. Updater will keep your all products and product images but it's better to be prepared than sorry.
  2. After that, upload all downloaded files to your host via FTP and replace them all. Except these directories;
    • uploads/
    • Rimtay/conf
  3. Check if INSTALL_LOCK file does exist in your ROOT folder. If does, remove it in order to run the updater again.
  4. After that, system will understand that you need to run updater. Just go to to update the your system.
  5. Your order form is updated :)

If you have any problems or need assistance, please contact with us. We provide updating/installing service with a small fee.

Please Check If "INSTALL_LOCK" and "UPDATE_LOCK" files exist in your ROOT folder after the update. If does not, either remove "Rimtay/InstallHandler.php" file or create these files manually.