Fast, secure, easy to use plugin for Multi Product Order Form 2, See All Your Visitors, Live...

Super Easy To Install

This plugin benefits Multi Product Order Form's Plugin Manager! It installs itself. You can easily edit it's settings from admin panel.

Live Results

Visitors and you can see real visitor counts without refreshing the page. Of course for admins, more detailed visitor stats are kept.

Locations & Viewed Pages

See your visitors locations. See them when they visit and leave...

See As Much Detail As Possible

On your admin panel, you can see detailed statistics about users and countries. These are live results and updated by visitors realy time. If they leave, they will be offline. If they stay, they will be stay. You will also see your old buyers, so you can contact with them right away...

Live Counts, Inserted Automatically

Plugin will add itself automatically. The live counts will be updated live without refreshing the page! (This option can be disabled easily on the admin panel while keeping the stats.)

Admin Panel & Fast Settings

It is so easy to install, and configure with the admin panel. Just copy the file that you download to plugin folder and that's all, system will be installed.

Buy online and download instantly! You'll be redirected to complete your order on CodeCanyon. It is safe and sound :)

It's just $15!

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