Multi Product Order Form

Old School Multi Product Order Form is Back with Modern Touch

Key Features

Multi Product Order Form

How to Use

It's really easy to use the system. You need to set your settings from datas.php file.

You need to use SMTP to be able to use. Our system sends two mail notifications as soon as an order placed.

Add Products

It is really easy to add new products. Just open the datas.php file and add new products according to this template;


'name' => 'Product Name',

'price' => 5.50,

'tax' => 0

Please note, price and tax should be numeric. And if you don't want tax calculations; please simply enter 0.

That's all! Then system will start to display all products.

Categories / Dividers

You can add categories / dividers to the system, so system will categorize all products.

It is really easy to add new category / divider. Just open the datas.php file, go to PRODUCT CATEGORIES section and add new categories / dividers according to this template;

'name' => 'Devices',
'row' => 1

Each product is listed in order, and each product has a row line. You can imagine like that;
Product Rows

So if you want to add a category / divider before any product, you can simply add that product's row number;

Product Rows 2

Disable The System

You can disable the system any time you want. Just open the datas.php file and at the 16th line, set $lock as true.

Your visitors won't be able to use the system.

$lock = true;

You can send a ticket to us any time you want.

Edit Email Templates

You can edit the email templates for both customer and site administrator.

Just open the mail_templates directory and edit the txt files as you wish.

To Author

You need to edit to_author.txt file in order to edit the mail template that will be sent to you.

To Customer

You need to edit to_customer.txt file in order to edit the mail template that will be sent to your customers.

Tags That You Can Use On Templates